【Unityアセット】Devdogのアセット4種がオープンソース化により無料で使用可能!「Inventory Pro」「Quest System Pro」「LOS Pro」「Sci-Fi UI Design」

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We're Open-sourcing Lots of Our Tools!
As of today, Inventory Pro, Quest System Pro, LOS Pro, and Sci-FI UI Design are all 100% open-source and free to use under the MIT license. We don’t want to sim...




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Inventory Pro

Inventory Pro by Devdog
Inventory Pro is a highly flexible and easy to use Unity Inventory System. Inventory Pro can be used for RPG, RTS, FPS, and other game types.
Unity – Inventory Pro – Video tutorial 1 (re/done)

Quest System Pro

Quest System Pro by Devdog
Setup quests and missions in Unity3D using Quest System Pro - the most powerful and flexible quest, achievement and dialogue / conversation tree system system.
Unity – Quest System Pro – Quest Givers


Line of Sight and Hearing System by Devdog
LOS Pro is a line of sight and hearing system that makes it easy to detect and hear targets in your game world by attaching a single component to your objects.
Unity – Los Pro – Skinned meshes

Sci-Fi UI Design

Sci-Fi UI Design for uGUI by Devdog
Sci-FI UI Design is a beautiful and versatile VR-ready Sci-FI UI design for uGUI (Unity UI) made by Devdog. Perfect for any SciFi themed game.
Sci-Fi Design Version 0.1


Devdog・High Quality Unity Assets
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